Bucks County Courthouse


30 & 55 East Court Sreet

Doylestown, PA

The County of Bucks retained The Vaughn Collaborative, together with Dewberry, to provide three preliminary scenarios illustrating how the Administration and Court Buildings can be back-filled with off-campus departments, while some on-campus departments will vacate both buildings to occupy the new Justice Center across the street on Main Street.

Over time, each building was physically analyzed, with the assistance of the Owner’s Maintenance Staff, who provided information regarding the buildings advantages and disadvantages. The operation of each County department was closely examined to determine how efficiently each department operated. Scenarios were examined to determine if an improved physical environment would increase operation efficiency. The buildings plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems were examined to determine if areas of operation and utility economy could be realized through equipment  and/or system upgrades.

Upon the conclusion of our examination phase, three possible scenarios were prepared and presented to the Commissioners for consideration. Each scenario was accompanied by a graphic representation containing blocking and stacking diagrams of each floor as well as a preliminary construction estimate. The Commissioners selected a scenario to pursue through occupancy.  Designs were approved and advanced to construction documents.

In 2018 construction began and will continue into 2019