Easton Fish & Game Association

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Easton Fish & Game Association

300 Yard Rifle Range

Hellertown, PA

TVC was engaged to develop the design for a new 300-yard rifle range implementing the “no blue sky” criteria. In addition, our professionals have designed an 80-yard Archery Range adjacent to the new rifle range. The association has an existing pistol and rifle range (100 yard) facility on the adjoining property. Our professionals developed all of the layouts and firing line structures to direct the shooters down range. Supporting structures include side walls and baffles to reduce the possibility of and incidental round from escaping the range facility. Geotechnical studies have been completed so the owner may grade the range to a level condition and use excess soils material to construct side berms and the backstop for the bullet trap. Current status is to secure conditional use for development in Lower Saucon Township.