Mercer County Rehabilitation

Mercer County Correction Center Hopewell Twp., NJ

Due to the on-going deterioration of the facilities within the Mercer County Correction Center the County contracted with TVC to assess the conditions of all the Shower/toilet/lavatory spaces within the various secured housing units. Evidence was presented that there is an immediate need to address the conditions of the spaces to improve utility usage, enhance control by custody and provide longevity to general hygienic conditions. Subsequent the firm was further contracted to implement the recommendations.

Currently the project is in final construction phase of which documents were developed to rehabilitate all of spaces to include new finishes, electric lighting, plumbing upgrades with fixtures, and to provide better control for custody by adding new control valves. All of this work is  ongoing while the center is occupied as swing space is limited. The project has also been amended to add air Conditioning to West Wing and the replacement of kitchen flooring along with updating the kitchen equipment.

Unique to this project is the phasing of construction as the constructors progresses through the available secure  areas. TVC is working very closely with Corrections staff to assure that security is not breached during the implementation of the full Scope of Work.


  1. Programming
  2. Design Development
  3. Budgetary Estimates
  4. Construction Documents
  5. Construction Administration