Diverse Services for Comprehensive Architectural Solutions

The Vaughn Collaborative can direct your project from conception to completion. We merge our eye for artistry with architectural savvy to produce polished structures that will efficiently operate decades into the future.

Preliminary Planning

Every design needs a goal to act as its compass, as well as supporting data to serve as the map. Our team conducts preliminary research to define the ideal layout, building methods, and resource utilization to fulfill the project’s purpose.

  • Demographics research
  • Master planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Inventory Analysis

The Vaughn Collaborative designs custom solutions for your needs, regardless of whether the objective is to rejuvenate the aesthetic, replace a building’s system, or create an entirely new structure. All designs meet AIA standards and reflect our firm’s unprecedented expertise.

  • Architectural design and documentation
  • Interior design and documentation
  • Engineering design and documentation
Specification Preparation

We help our clients determine the best materials to use in every element of the building in order to yield optimal results.

Bid Price Verification and Negotiation

Our team leverages extensive experience and professional connections to assist with the procurement and vetting of potential constructors. Through careful examination of the scope and meetings with candidates, we verify bidders’ ability to complete the build within the allotted costs and timeline. What’s more, we can recommend alternates and negotiate unit costs.

Construction Administration and Management

Our goal is to make our clients’ jobs easier while confirming proper construction practices and timeline adherence. If desired, we can oversee onsite progress and monitor the project. Additionally, we are available to answer questions and vet alternative materials.

Additional Services

There are a number of different ways in which our team can add efficiencies to both the process and the completed structure. Whether you want phased construction to expedite the timeline or to understand the long-term ROI of a particular product or material, we can provide the services you seek.

  • Phased Construction
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Energy Analysis
  • Value Engineering

Please contact us at 609.530.7400 or MAIL@TVCARCH.COM to learn more about our comprehensive offering.